Privacy notice

1. Controller

Name: Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Address: PO Box 415, FI-00023 Government, Finland

Telephone: +358 295 16001

Contact person:

Name: Antti Putkonen

Address: Unit for Consular Assistance, PO Box 415, FI-00023Government, Finland

Other contact details:, +358 295 16001

Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:

Name: Juha-Matti Laasonen

Address: PO Box 455, FI-00023 Government, Finland

Other contact details:, +358 295 16001

2. Purpose of and grounds for processing personal data

Ministry for Foreign Affairs collects personal data, travelinformation and contact details of Finnish citizens travelling ormoving abroad in order to be able to assist them in possible crisissituations. Personal data are processed to enable the provision ofthe services laid down in theConsular Services Act (Konsulipalvelulaki 498/1999) in crisissituations. The data are handled to implement the statutoryresponsibilities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

In addition, if the data subject is moving abroad and has given hisor her consent, the data can be used for other communications.

3. Content of the register

Personal data, travel information and contact details of personstravelling or moving abroad.

4. Regular sources of data

The register contains information provided by people who havenotified authorities about their travel arrangements In the event of a crisis, information obtainedfrom concerned family members is also entered in the register.

5. Disclosure of data

Personal data stored in the register may be disclosed to Finnish orforeign authorities in crisis situations if this is necessary toprovide the consular assistance laid down in the Consular ServicesAct. In addition, data may be disclosed based on a statutory requestof information by an authority.

6. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

The data are not transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

7. Period of keeping data

Travellers' personal data will be deleted from the register two months after the end of their journey. Data subjects' user data will be stored until they withdraw their consent for the storage.

8. Principles of data file protection

Data security and the protection of privacy are taken into accountsystematically whenever the data is used and processed. The Ministryfor Foreign Affairs processes all personal data in a secure mannerand as required by law.

Those processing personal data are bound by the secrecy obligationand the data in the register are used only by employees who have theright to process the matter in question.

9. Rights of data subjects

Right of access to data

Data subjects have the right to access and check the personal dataconcerning themselves.
Right to correct inaccurate data

Data subjects have the right to ask that incorrect data on them becorrected. In such a case, the request must specify what informationis incorrect, and why and how it should be changed. The Controllermust rectify the mistake without undue delay.
Right to withdraw consent

When personal data are processed based on consent, the data subjecthas the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time. After that,the personal data will not be processed unless there is some otherlegal basis to do so.
Right to have data deleted

The data subject has the right to have his or her personal datadeleted. The right does not apply to the personal data that theMinistry for Foreign Affairs needs in order to perform its statutoryresponsibilities.
Right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority

Data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisoryauthority if their personal data have not been processedappropriately. The Data Protection Ombudsman's contact details canbe found at