Terms of Use

1. General

Matkustusilmoitus.fi is a free online Service owned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, created for travel notifications. When you register or sign in as a user of the Service or use a section of the website or of the content of the Service in the website, you accept the terms of use as binding on you.

2. User's responsibility

It is your responsibility as a user to comply with these terms when using the Service. Users are responsible for providing correct and up-to-date information to the Service. Providing false information can be a punishable act. Users are always personally responsible for their notifications even when using a representative (an agent) for submitting the notification.

3. The responsibility of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The purpose of the Service is to help the Ministry for Foreign Affairs improve its service of Finnish citizens travelling or moving abroad. Introduction of the Service does not impose any information obligation on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Submitting a travel notification or other use of the Service is no substitute for appropriate preparedness by the traveller or mover. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs maintains the Service without any commitments and no guarantee is given for the functioning of the Service. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is not responsible for possible service interruptions caused by, for example, maintenance work, technical fault or other similar reasons or by telecommunications outage or internet downtime.

4. The right of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to disclose information

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs uses the information provided by users to the Service for assistance purposes defined in the Consular Services Act. In addition, if the data subject has given his or her consent, the data can be used for other communications by public authorities. Data provided to the Service by the user can also be disclosed to the public authorities of a foreign state subject to the consent of the user, or if it is necessary for protecting a vital interest of the person or for the protection of the life, health or physical or mental well-being of the person in question (sections 38 and 41 of the Consular Services Act).

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not disclose data given in the Service to other than necessary official purposes. Retention of the data is based on the Consular Services Act.

5. Technical requirements

The Service can be accessed using the most common web browsers supported by JavaScript.

6. Exchange of information in an open-access communications network

The confidentiality of e-mails or other messages sent via an open-access communications network cannot be guaranteed.

7. Modification of functions of the Service

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has the right to modify the content, functioning and terms of use of the Service to develop it or for other necessary reasons.

8. Applicable legislation and dispute settlement

The use of the Service is subject to Finnish legislation. Disputes concerning the use of the Service shall be primarily resolved by means of mutual negotiations. Disputes that cannot be solved through negotiations, shall be decided at the Helsinki District Court.